Responsibility & Sustainability

It’s not news that we have a responsibility to the environment. At GAM GAM Kosher Restaurant we take this responsibility seriously.
The staff in GAM GAM has been trained in our green practices and we have set up recycling stations in all areas, such as the kitchen, wait station and bar.  And we use take away materials made from recycled products.

We reduce energy and water usage with eco-friendly light bulbs and proper kitchen practices.  We are
water-wise when washing dishes, shut off electric switches and power-strips at night, and use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) which last 10 times longer than standard bulbs and use at least two-thirds less energy.
We routinely clean our air filters so our system is more efficient and doesn’t have to work overtime. We pay close attention to our thermostats to ensure we are not wasting energy.
We do our best to purchase sustainable foods, which support the long-term maintenance of ecosystems and agriculture for future generations. This includes organic and locally grown foods, both of which reduce use of toxic synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and pollution associated with long distance transportation.
GAM GAM is involved in the community by being in partnership with local festivals, donating to or helping out with humanitarian causes and sponsoring sports teams.  We care about our community and want to be a good neighbor.
GAM GAM is continually looking for ways to improve our restaurant and quality of service for both our guests and community. Please share your ideas on responsibility and sustainability with us today.